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Who Are You and How Do
People "See" You?

Assessments are tools that uncover valuable data needed to help individuals and organizations succeed. Whether you are looking to examine strengths and weaknesses within a particular business competency or develop a mechanism for providing feedback to a peer group, assessments can deliver unbiased and objective information to help individuals and teams gain a better understanding of themselves and the impact of their preferences at work. The Coburn Company has found the following assessments effective for a wide range of applications, including executive development, team development, professional/career development, conflict resolution, and creative thinking.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) has helped millions of people understand their cognitive preferences for taking in and processing information. This knowledge has been successfully used by teams and individuals the world over to better manage self, foster collaborative teamwork and improve business performance.

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Purchase Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - $249
(Includes Debrief)
Please Note: Upon completion of payment, you will be brought to a page that has detailed directions on taking this test (click here to view this page now)

Whole Brain Assessment

Based on the highly validated Whole Brain Model, this 120 question assessment helps individuals and teams increase their productivity by understanding how their brains think. Your profile will show your preferred approach to thinking.

Based on your results, you can learn techniques to increase your effectiveness in all areas of business including: Problem Solving, Communication, Creativity and Innovation, Working in Teams, Decision Making, and Planning & Selling. Find out what part of your brain you use the most and the least.

Individual Profile

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Purchase HBDI - Whole Brain Individual Assessment - $300 (Includes Debrief)
Please Note: Upon completion of payment, you will be brought to a page that has detailed directions on taking this assessment (click here to view this page now).

Team Profile

Herrmann International offers an in-depth team profile and analysis to give groups the ability to provide powerful input to team members and their leaders while maintaining confidentiality

See what strengths your team possesses and which ones are lacking. Identify the path your team takes in decision making; project planning etc., and how to maximize business results.

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Note: Please remember that before you request an HBDI TEAM Profile, you need to have everyone on your team complete an Individual HBDI assessment.

To request a Team Profile, please email info@coburncompany.com and include: The name, email and phone number of each individual you would like included in this team profile.

Purchase HBDI - Whole Brain Assessment - Team Profile - $600 (Includes Debrief)

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