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August 2011

Dear Susan,


I hope you are all enjoying the summer. With the slower economy and the debt ceiling discussions, many folks have been asking about ways to develop alternative sources of income and how to best prepare for a possible layoff.

This continues to be a challenging economy and we need to be proactive, build endurance and engage in out of the box thinking. I think you will find this newsletter both timely and informative for current challenges.

Thank you to my clients for providing excellent questions and situations you are willing to share so others can learn from them. I appreciate your generosity of spirit and I want you to know I learn so much from all of you!

Recent Client Questions


Q:  I have worked in my company for over 10 years. We were acquired by an organization a few years ago. I feel somewhat secure but wonder about possible layoffs down the road. What advice do you have regarding effectively positioning yourself for possible layoffs?


A:  Click Here for a List of Layoff Preparation Tips


Q:  What are the key traits of great leaders?

A:  Courage is a word that is consistently given when folks are asked what they look for in a leader. Courage is important. Great Leaders have courage.    

Great Leaders are engaged in lifelong learning and strive to meet their personal best while inspiring others to do the same. 

Great Leaders are flexible and can match their leadership behaviors effectively to the situation, task and person.    

Great Leaders have been developed and mentored.

Great Leaders have the courage to admit mistakes and risk taking on challenging initiatives for the betterment of their teams and organizations.

Great Leaders usually have Great Coaches. 


Q:  What to do when it's not possible to resolve a conflict?  

A:  First of all challenge your assumption. Maybe it is possible to resolve the conflict. Have you tried partnering with a coach or your Human Resources department? Sometimes getting an outside perspective can help you "put yourself in the other person's shoes"- which is critical for effective conflict resolution. Understanding communication styles and personality differences can help you re-frame conflict.   

If you have really tried everything, sometimes it is just helpful to remind yourself that if everyone in the organization thought, felt and spoke like you it might not be the best thing. Sometimes these differing perspectives can trigger "out of the box" thinking and innovation. Agree to dis-agree. If you can, find something you like or admire about the person you have conflict with and then try to focus on that. Watch your internal dialogue. You can make things much, much worse but using inflammatory language in your head. 


You cannot control the person you are in conflict with but you can manage your internal environment and coach yourself to respond in ways that de-escalate rather than escalate conflict.

Nepotism Corner

Many of you have shared with me your efforts to grow your own businesses, either part-time while you are working full time or as your full time endeavor.   

Please check out the website of one of my nieces- Allyson Piper and learn more about her expertise in helping small businesses grow as they leverage needs within their communities.



Would You Consider

As you may know, for the past 11 years I have worked with clients to:

  • Grow Leadership Effectiveness
  • Foster Team Collaboration
  • Expedite Conflict Resolution and Optimize Productivity
  • Position themselves for Advancement within their Organizations and Industries.
  • Successfully Navigate Career Transitions


I would like to enlist your help. As you may imagine, The Coburn Company is growing mostly through word of mouth and referrals. Would you please be on the lookout for proactive, growing companies, relatives, friends or colleagues that are seeking a partner to help them optimize their success?


I work with people all over the country, so geography is not a concern.

If you do come across someone you think would be interested, will you let them know about me and vice versa? I'd be happy to talk with them and answer any questions they might have. Feel free to contact me at (978) 929-9509 or email me at .  

Let them know they can schedule a free coaching call.


Thanks so much for your help! If there is anything I can do on my end to help you, please do let me know.

Take Action

Be proactive this month. Take the time to evaluate what is working, what is not working and what needs your attention. Take yourself off auto-pilot and take action. Partnering with a coach may be just what you need at this time.    

Wishing you focus, discipline, effectiveness and balance- have a good month everyone.




The Coburn Company 

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Upcoming Event
Upcoming Event

Save The Date -- FREE tele-class on Monday August 22 at 7 pm (EST)



In May Dr. Bruce Cohen talked about the critical factors involved in building energy for personal and career resiliency. He presented tips and techniques to improve:

  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Hydration

Building on this theme of energy and endurance, I am very pleased to announce that Mark Epley, Health and Prosperity Coach will be facilitating a free tele-call that will discuss ways to improve the quality of all aspects of your life.  

Mark is an inspirational speaker and you will find this call riveting. He will power boost the transformation of your life dreams from merely surviving to fully thriving.


Mark will talk about the health mantra we constantly hear- "Hydration, Hydration, Hydration" and in particular, how this relates to "The Theory of Biological Medicine" by Dr. Thomas Rau of Switzerland.  

As we talked about in May: with job stress, possible layoffs and the slow economy, everyone is talking about how to optimize their health and energy. Trying to keep our cells, clean and functioning as long as we can. That is the goal for full, vibrant lives both personally and professionally.


Mark has experienced job stress, decreased energy and disease (both himself and in his family). Through his experience he researched options for recovering health and optimizing energy and endurance. He will share his findings, challenges and successes with you.


Mark has identified a phenomenal product that he is anxious to share with you. Mark and his family have greatly benefited from this product in terms of improved health,  vitality and finances. 


Mark has often said, "If you knew there was an investment option that would pay a 50% dividend over the next 15 years and you could take advantage of it right now- would you take advantage of it??" Mark's call will help you answer that question.


If you would like more information before Mark's Call, here are some suggestions:

  • Read or re-read these books:

"Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Richard Kiyosaki- he talks about the benefits of developing alternative sources of income streams.

"Your Body's Many Cries for Water" by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj

"The Water Puzzle and Hexagonal Key" by Dr. Mu Shik Jhon

Join Mark for a FREE tele-class on Monday August 22 at 7 pm (EST).

To Register please send an email to


Folks that are registered for the call will have access to the recording.
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