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Situational Leadership® II
  • Situational Leadership II (SLII) is a time-honored and practical approach to managing and developing others. The model provides managers with tools necessary to assess situations and adapt their leadership style based on circumstances. The end result is more focused and effective leadership for both managers and staff.
Situational Self Leadership®
  • Taking the reins for your own development is a critical career enhancing skill. Based on the leadership model used in Situational Leadership® II, Situational Self Leadership® provides a framework for individual contributors to be proactive in their own development. Participants will come away more confident and knowledgeable, with an understanding of what is needed to drive their own development, performance and success.
Improving Personal Effectiveness
  • How effective are you at servicing your "clients"? Do you consider your boss one of your primary "customers"? Do you know how to manage others' perceptions of you and your work or how to solicit this feedback? This workshop will set you on your way to exceeding performance goals and increasing your effectiveness on the job.
Presentation Skills
  • Participants in this workshop will vastly improve the quality and effectiveness of their presentations through interactive exercises and peer reviews. Attendees will learn tips and techniques necessary to plan and deliver effective, well received presentations.
Myers Briggs Type Indicator Workshop
  • The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) has helped millions of people understand their cognitive preferences for taking in and processing information. This knowledge has been successfully used by teams and individuals the world over to foster collaborative teamwork and improve business performance.
Ned Herrmann's The Business of Thinking™ Workshop
  • Based on the highly validated Whole Brain Model, the Business of Thinking helps individuals and/or teams increase their productivity by understanding how their brain(s) think. Participants learn techniques to increase their effectiveness in all areas of business including; Solving Problems, Communicating, Creativity and Innovation, Working in Teams, Making Decisions, Planning & Selling.

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